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Best online shopping experience ever, Mike is a pro

Product: Aseel - 1986 
Posted By: Baubak Nezhad
I received my oud today Feb 12/2014. First of all, I would like to thank Mike and Mavrothis from Mike's Oud Forum and Oud Cafe to direct me to this oud. They are both professionals. The oud was packed very well, the best packaging I have ever seen. The instrument is as it was promised. Excellent craftsmanship from Mr. Shehata. I recommend anyone looking for an oud to visit mauriceoudshop.com. You won't be disappointed. Mike kept checking with me till the oud arrived. Thank you all.


Excellent oud!

Product: Apprentice Oud 33
Posted By: Dr. Ron Emoff
I'm a professor in the School of Music at Ohio State University. I've had a couple of different ouds in the past but never one of great quality.
This oud is very well-made--it sounds great, the tuners work very smoothly, the instrument is beautifully designed and put together very well (also very nice wood all around). And Mike is a pleasure to work with. He responded quickly to all my questions and once I'd chosen an instrument he shipped it out immediately.
I'm not an oud expert by any means but I do know good-sounding and well-made instruments (I play violin, guitar, W. African kora). This oud is much better than I had hoped to find (especially in the U.S.), and the price is way better than reasonable.
I highly recommend both these apprentice instruments and Mike himself.
Dr. Ron Emoff
Ohio State University
School of Music and Department of Anthropology


The best online shopping experience.

Product: Aseel - 1961
Posted By: N/A
I was a bit skeptical before i bought this oud mainly because I am used to playing an oud and actually spending some time with it before making the decision to buy it, so this was my first online purchased instrument.
I have had this oud for a few days now.. it is not enough time to give a full review for an oud, but maurice ouds speak for themselves! The oud sounds beautiful, a lot better than the clip.
As for the shopping experience, what can I say...
Mike had followed up with me from the moment I placed the order, answered my questions and sent the tracking number as soon as he got it.
When I received the package, the oud was in perfect condition and the packaging was amazing!!
I also got a handful of rishas :)
Mike is a pro and I will recommend this site to anyone looking to buy a new oud in north america.


Wonderful customer service

Product: Apprentice Oud 03
Posted By: N/A
I'm rating this although I've never actually touched this oud. It was a gift and Mike was VERY responsive in helping me pick one out. The birthday boy is very happy with it and I'm very happy with the exceptional service I got.


Could not be happier

Product: Apprentice Oud 30
Posted By: Dr. Matthew Balensuela (DePauw University)
I could not be happier with the oud I purchased. I've played it almost every day since I've gotten it. The sound is lovely and the sting height over the fingerboard feels right--which was a concern when not buying the most expensive model. Just as important to me (since I know nothing about Arabic music) is the fast replies to all my questions via e-mail. The staff at Maurice Oud Shop have been a wonderful resource to me as a beginning student.


Amazing service

Product: Apprentice Oud 21
Posted By: Christophe
Mike from Maurice oud shop has been really helpful in my order from the choice up to the delivery and even afterwards once I received the instrument to advise on the strings set up. Top customer service with a friendly touch


Couldn't be more happier

Product: Apprentice Oud 36 
Posted By: Omar Azookari
So I am a new ouder. I've always wanted to learn how to play oud but kept postponing. I decided to purchase and oud, so I went to a local shop in Dearborn Michigan and I picked an oud. I returned it the second day because the quality was terrible. I then did my homework and searched the web. I came across MikeOud forum and that's where I learned about this site. I decided to buy this oud. Mike shipped my oud the same day I bought it and I received it within 4 days. The quality of this oud is absolutely phenomenal. You can tell that it has been carefully crafted by the hands of an expert. It is a precious masterpiece. This oud also came with a great quality soft bag.

My great experience did not stop there, Mike contacted me few times while the oud was on it's way and he provided me with help on how to tune it and where to buy online courses from. This guy is amazing. He is a great oud enthusiast and I felt like to him he didn't care much about selling the oud as much as he cared about helping an oud beginner to step on the right path.

Thank you Mike and Thank you mauriceoudshop. You guys made me happy and I appreciate doing business with you.

- Omar Azookari



Product: Apprentice Oud 04
Posted By: Doug Myers
This Oud far exceeded my expectations. The wood on the bowl is gorgeous. The finish, which covers everything including the fingerboard, is well done. Everything about the instrument looks much nicer in person than it did online. The tuning pegs hold tune well. The nut is well done and the action is excellent. There what I suppose are some white drops of glue inside but this is only cosmetic. It's much lighter in weight than I imagined. Being the only Oud I've ever held I cannot fairly compare its sound to other Ouds, but I can say that when I play my wife says she feels like she's on another continent. For an inexpensive Oud, for a first Oud, you can't go wrong. Also, Mike was a pleasure to deal with. I put him to the test with way too many emails and he was supremely professional and pleasant throughout. If I ever feel the need to go beyond an "apprentice" level Oud there is no other place I would go. I can only imagine how nice the Shehata Ouds must be!


Glorious Tone!

Product: Aseel - 1985
Posted By: Tim S.
This has the deep, dark voice I've been looking for...with clear highs as well! Very fine wood on wood inlay. You can trust the sound sample, it seems, and Mike does a great job of helping you choose between ouds. For a North American, this is definitely the best source for world-class ouds.  


Apprentice Oud Recommended! 

Product: Apprentice Oud 26 
Posted By: N/A
This Oud was really matched to my expectations! Finished very nice with very good wood quality! Seems like a beginner lute, but feels like professional. 
It was a pleasure to deal with an awesome person, Mike! He was really cared about every step and mailed me all the time until she arrived at home. He packaged the lute very well and very safety with all kind of bubble wrap etc. 
Thank you Mike for your awesome business, I wish you the best! 


Quality starter oud at a good price 

Product: Apprentice Oud 07 
Posted By: Dana Asplund
This is my first oud, so I did not want to spend $1000 or more just yet on a custom instrument. I've read that you can't get a playable arabic oud for under 800, but these apprentice ones from Maurice Shehata disprove that. The sound is full and resonant, there is no buzzing, and the action is low and very playable. Sure, there are imperfections in the finish and the tuning pegs take some adjusting, but it sounds great and is well worth the price! Mike, who runs the shop, was a pleasure to deal with, he answered all my questions and the oud arrived very well packed. 


Well Worth It. 

Product: Apprentice Oud 15 
Posted By: Ash.
I have never played an oud. Nor have I ever bought an instrument online; In fact, I have always been opposed to the idea. What won me over were the reviews as well as being able to see the video of someone playing that particular oud. I took the plunge and am so happy I did! Mike's attentiveness has been fantastic. And my oud does indeed sound better than it did in the video, with a big rich sound that does not get too muddy (as some large bodied guitars can, for example). It feels and looks well constructed, especially for the price. I would definitely recommend these instruments to a friend. 


Fabulous online service

Product: Apprentice Oud 13 Posted By: Ariela
Mike was very helpful in choosing an oud with a particular sound I was looking for. The communication and follow-up from packaging to delivery was amazing. I wish more online sellers would be as honest and dedicated as Mike. I've been playing the oud for a few weeks now and it is a good quality instrument, and excellent value for money. Highly recommended.


Wonderful Oud... Exceptional Service 

Product: Aseel - 1984 
Posted By: Doug
Oud was packed very well when it arrived. Oud is very nice, and sounds very good. Once I learn to play it, it will of course sound much better. 

Mike was great about answering questions and making sure Oud arrived safely. 

I would absolutely do business here again! 


Quality Product & Excellent Customer Service 

Product: Apprentice Oud 50 
Posted By: Ahmed Makkawy
I was searching the web for a decent oud at a fair price to begin learning on. From Craigslist to forums to investigating buying from Egypt or the Middle East and figuring out shipping/customs pricing - I almost thought to myself I'd wait until the next time I was in the region to pick one up and hope it wouldn't break on my trek back to the states. Through some digging I found the MauriceOudShop site via helpful blog posts and inquiry. My interaction with Mike to learn about the instruments and try to patiently wait for the shipment of instruments was by far my best customer-service experience (ever and bar none). E-mails and phone calls both friendly and although states away as if I was interacting with an old friend; Explaining the process for getting the instrument to me and useful resources to begin learning to play. The instrument itself shipped incredibly well packed and arrived in under 5 days - It is in incredible shape, no blemishes, scratches, etc. and in my first week of practice the pegs and strings have held their position nicely. The tones are really decent for a starter oud with fairly deep lows and nice high notes met. No regrets whatsoever on this purchase and yes, I'm already eyeing the higher end ouds and tablas on the site for my next purchase! THANK YOU! (5 Stars) 


Best shopping experience ever! 

Product: Apprentice Oud 55 
Posted By: Jacob
Getting a musical instrument online is not an easy thing. However, not only do they provide a video for you to check out the sound, but Maurice Oud Shop helps you out every step of the way to acquire your new Oud. As requested, I got detailed and precise information on the instrument, the action, the strings, shipping and photos to document everything! 
The Oud came in perfect condition, well wrapped and in its beautiful soft case. 
This Oud has amazing sound qualities and is a joy to play on. 
I loved the whole process of getting this Oud. Thank you so much Mike!!! 


Awesome experience! 

Product: Apprentice Oud 63 
Posted By: Mohamed Kheir
Mike was super helpful. Replied promptly all the time! Even though we have a time difference (as i am located in Singapore) He is always fast with updates. Helped me thru from getting details for shipping to mailing pictures of the oud (even the boxed up ones that are ready to be shipped!!) to tracking the shipping details with me. Couldn't be more satisfied than this. A whole new online shopping experience. As for the oud, it's an awesome sounding Bashir style oud. Love the workmanship and everything is in perfect condition. It's playable right out of the box (well of course you need to tune it 1st) Without a doubt, a well priced oud for its level. Kudos to Mike for the awesome experience i have with shopping with Maurice oud. 


Beautiful instrument 

Product: Apprentice Oud 71 
Posted By: N/A
I am very happy with having purchased this oud—it is in excellent condition and has a beautiful tone. Mike, the salesperson, was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, and it arrived promptly after I bought it. 


Thanks again and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!! 

Product: Apprentice Oud 64 
Posted By: Emmanuel
I am a very, very happy new oud owner! Mike is the most genuine, courteous seller I've ever dealt with, and I've bought many instruments over the years. He answers emails and texts immediately, answers your questions in detail, and is totally willing to do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer. I am wary of buying instruments online without trying them, unless I have great confidence in the seller. I discovered Mike's US-based MauriceOudShop after buying and returning a less than satisfactory instrument from another unnamed seller with few pics and no audio/video samples. I took notice of the rave reviews, and compliments about the quality of the "apprentice" instruments. It was immensely helpful to compare photos and videos for each oud, as I probably watched every one. I then picked the one I liked most after several had sold in the meantime. Mike emailed me immediately after to say he would do his best to ship it that same day (and it was already mid afternoon) after he picked up his kid from daycare. I told him it wasn't a rush, but he shipped it anyway that same day, talk about dedicated!! The oud arrived very quickly and was superbly packaged, plenty of bubble wrap inside the gigbag and outside, and a strong, good quality outer box. I pulled it out and unwrapped the mummy-like protection and was stunned at the quality of the construction, and how light the oud was. You do have to expect some funkiness with the apprentice made instruments, and there were some slight imperfections in the sound hole inlay (light wood filler, easily sharpied), some sloppy glue around the bridge, and a few minor scratches on the pegbox. Otherwise the construction is solid, the soundboard finish is a light matte coat, and the gloss finish on the walnut bowl and neck was very attractive. The bowl has a nice woodgrain. The action was comfortable, pegs fit well (one slightly loose one but easily adjusted), and the sound was leaps and bounds better than the typical pretty but clunky tourist junk. After playing it a few days and the strings settled in (quality new LaBellas, I might add, tuned F-f), I noticed some buzzing on the D string. So I contacted Mike about not being totally happy. He was super friendly and offered to let me visit him (knowing I was only an hour drive away) and try as many as I wanted, which I happily agreed. He was even nicer in person. He helped me tune them up and then sat patiently while I played 3 or 4 ouds to compare and didn't hassle me at all, even though he had family visiting in the other room. I finally picked the one I liked the best, and he agreed that he preferred the tone of that one too which was nice confirmation. What more could you ask for? I recommend Mike and MauriceOudShop without reservation. I am very pleased with my instrument and feel like I got an excellent deal. Thanks again Mike!!! 


one of the best Oud makers in Arab World 

Product: Aseel - 2247 
Posted By: N/A
Although I'm a professional player, I haven't owned a perfect Oud before. I don't know why, so finally I decided that I need a good oud. I was about to buy one from other sellers (factories) (I spent a lot of time browsing and searching, also was hesitant whether I should buy an oud from Middle East or US) until I accedintly read an article from an American player who advices players to buy oud from Mauriceshop (what!! Maurice ouds in US) it was an outstanding moment when I checked this website and found Maurice ouds in a very reasonable price compared to Saudi Arabia. So I bought one. Should I explain how the oud is astonishing and how Mike is an awesome seller?? Ok, put it in your mind, in only 5 days I made a huge improvement in my performance. Maurice ouds push you beyond the limits. The sound, size, touching of the oud are just outstanding. Now I can say i will be stuck with Maurice ouds. Lastly, Mike is just an amazing person. He really cares about customers. They deserve every penny. 


Great experience purchasing my Oud 

Product: Apprentice Oud 61 
Posted By: Mark C.
I purchased my Oud on a Friday, and was so excited to see it show up on the next Thursday. Mike was great in his communications, answered all my questions and even emailed me the day it was due to show up in case I wasn't tracking it (of course I was watching like a hawk for it!). The oud sounds great and is everything I was looking for, an affordable, well crafted student quality Oud. The case that came with it is a nice bonus and the packaging of the Oud for shipping was phenomenal. Couldn't be happier with my purchase! 


Oud 47 Review 

Product: Apprentice Oud 47 
Posted By: John Andrews
My oud arrived today and has exceeded my expectations; the workmanship is really excellent and has the look and sound of a much more expensive instrument. It arrived in excellent condition thanks to the wonderful packing job. I really recommend ordering from Mike!


Amazing Customer Service. Mike you are awesome 

Product: Apprentice Oud 91 
Posted By: Humam Al-Faiz
This is my first oud and I have no experience regarding what to look for in buying an oud. So, I did some research online and 90% of the websites I found recommended Maurice Oud Shop and Mike as the best place to buy an oud specially for buyers in North America. I looked at the site and I had some questions about the prices and the details of the items, and Mike was amazing. He reply to emails in less than 24 hours and answered most of my emails immediately. Also, He helped explaining some details over the phone a couple of times which was awesome, made me feel confident in buying the oud from him. 

So, I decided to buy this beautiful floating bridge oud. The payment options was very convenient, and you get free shipping in side the US. I received the oud in 5 days, and I got a nice high quality bag and two picks with the oud. 

The oud itself is very beautiful, the material and the strings looks good and I was able to tune it easily after some tips from Mike and some vidoes on YouTube. 

I highly recommend Mike and this website for anyone looking for a nice high quality instrument. 



Product: Apprentice Oud 89 Posted By: Lael Grant

Hands down the best customer service I have ever recieved!  I contacted Mike while I was in the middle east and shopping for an affordable but quality 2nd oud.  He personally looked through and tested his inventory to find the oud that fit my desired build and tone.  He also sent me pictures of my options and a description including any blems.

I actually ended up ordering my Apprentice oud from Mike before I was stateside again.  I admit I was initially a little hesitant purchasing an oud online and walking away from a few I found in Israel and Palestine; however after coming home to a very well packed and well crafted oud any doubts diminished.

The Apprentice 89 that I purchased was obviously an apprentice oud as there are minor cosmetic  blems here a there; however the overall build is lovely. It is better than any Oud in the same price range that I tested in my time in Israel and Palestine.

In addition, I sent Mike pictures of my 1st oud which I had no knowledge about  and he was able to tell me who the maker was and directed me to a thread on the forum that informed me more of what I had.

I played with a cellist last night and it was the first time playing this oud with  another instrument.  The volume of the apprentice oud was able to meet the cello and maintained a nice tone and sustain.
So very pleased!


Very happy with service and product 

Product: Apprentice Oud 131 
Posted By: Keith

Truly first class customer service from Mike, who checked over my choice before shipping and answered my emailed questions promptly. Oud shipped out the day after my late-night order and arrived quickly and well-packed. Very happy with the quality, it looks and feels and sounds like a solid, handcrafted instrument. Whoever the apprentice was on this one did a great job. And you can't beat the price. Thanks again, Mike! 


The Real McCoy of Traditional Egyptian Oud craftsmanship 

Product: Apprentice Oud 134 
Posted By: Winston H.
I currently possess the Egyptian-made apprentice ouds from Maurice's Oud Shop (model#134) and I have to say it is a great instrument. If you are the traditionalist type of musician and wish to stay clear from any factory manufactured monstrosity then these are the Ouds for you and the people at Maurice's Oud Shop are the people you want to deal with (as unguitarcenter as possible) they take every comment from the customer seriously and do their highest in making your purchase as quick, easy, and professional as possible. Highly recommended


Divine Sound 

Product: Aseel - 2368 
Posted By: Dion Winter
I am so impressed with the sound of this instrument. I'm a lifelong guitar player who is just picking up the Oud, and I can't believe how beautiful a sound this instrument has. Gorgeous detailing, low action - everything I expected and more. Glad I went for the professional model. I am officially in love! 


Great Oud, Amazing Service 

Product: Apprentice Oud 136 
Posted By: Z Hans
I originally purchased a different Apprentice Oud that was packed and shipped immaculately, but it didn't quite feel right to me. The size was a bit large and I didn't feel like I connected with it, and had feared I selected the wrong one. Of course there is always this risk while purchasing a musical instrument online without testing it out first. So, I contacted Mike, and since I happened to live about an hours drive away, he invited me to come and check out some other ouds and gave me the options to exchange it or get a full refund if I didn't find one that I was happy with. Mike has a genuine commitment to the customer being happy, and he was extremely helpful. I chose a few ouds, he inspected them and tuned them up for me and sat as I played the different ouds. I ended up deciding to exchange the one I had for Apprentice Oud 136, and I am glad I did. It is a beautiful instrument and sounds great with nice harmonic overtones and quality craftsmanship. I fall in love with it more each day. Thank you Mike, you are the man. 


Quality craftsmanship and beautiful sound! 

Product: Apprentice Oud 150 
Posted By: Cabernet Murray
I am extremely happy with my purchase. The oud is beautiful, well made, holds the string tension well and has a clear, rich sound. Although I am a beginning student, the action is comfortable and I'm not encountering some of the challenges I've heard about from other students with apprentice ouds that were not bought from Maurice Oud Shop. Looking forward to many years of learning on this instrument!


Great Oud 

Product: Apprentice Oud 158 
Posted By: N/A
Bought this as a gift for my father. I have a Shehata oud, so I wanted to buy something similar for him. Mike suggested the apprentice ouds as a good option. He was right. The oud is close in sound and feel to my Shehata oud. So overall it was a great value, and most important, my father is very happy. Thanks to Al-Aseel and Mike for making this purchase possible. 


great instrument 

Product: Apprentice Oud 165 
Posted By: N/A
Great instrument. Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. Made a great gift. 



Product: Apprentice Oud 107 
Posted By: Yossef

Mike's attention was more than great!.He answered me instantly all the questions that I sent to him. The oud is awesome, and looks better than online. The packaging was very, very good, I'm very happy with my new oud. I really recommend it.
Yossef from Argentina


great experience 

Product: Apprentice Oud 119 
Posted By: ladylila
I order oud 119 a week ago for my husband' birthday. I did my research on the web and found this web page. I read the good reviews about the instruments and people's experience with mike. I was not disappointed. As everybody else on this page I received top customer service from Mike. Buying an oud online is very hard, however mike made it easy and pleasant. Mike sent me different pictures of different ouds, and helped me pick up the right one for my husband. He packed it and shipped it the same day we spoke through emails and over the phone. The oud arrived five days later well packaged and looking great. We are both very pleased with it, and we think the oud is great value for the price! I encourage anyone looking to buy an oud to buy from this seller because you can trust them. 


Very nice tabla! 

Product: #13 - Mother of Pearl Tabla 
Posted By: Brian
Good sound, nice finish on the inside. Inlay work is very pretty. 


Hard-to-find Pink Tabla/Doumbek/Darbuka 

Product: #22 - Pink Aluminum Tabla 
Posted By: Little Drummer Girl
I love this drum! I'm on a bit of a mission to find pink doumbeks, and this is a lovely addition to my collection. My teacher said the sound quality is great, as well! The customer service and price made for an overall great experience! Thank you! 


Oud 143 

Product: Apprentice Oud 143 
Posted By: Bandar
I really like it . the design and the sound is very good. 
The handling of the seller was good . 
Bandar . 


great value for the price, outstanding customer service 

Product: Zeryab Oud 016 
Posted By: N/A
This was the second oud we got from this seller, it is a beautiful instrument with a great sound, it has that deep middle eastern warm sound, you feel the oud singing back to you! One thing for sure you get ten folds what you pay for; the ouds are beautiful both in terms of sound and looks, and the customer service is spectacular. Mike was very patient with us as we were indecisive, he helped us pick the right oud for us, and shipped the oud the next morning. You rarely find sellers online that care about their customers this much, most just want to make a sale, but Mike made sure we were happy with what we got, and constantly communicated with us and answered our questions. I would recommend this place if you are looking for a great purchase. 


attractive design and (finally) acoustically acclimated 

Product: Zeryab Oud 001 
Posted By: N/A
Seller was very accommodating and provided multiple links/resources for setting up and learning to play this Syrian oud which has a lovely resonance, craftsmanship and good value. The strings took a while to stretch and maintain their tuning, but now that they are stable after 3 weeks or so, the tone has matured and the instrument can be enjoyed more fully. 


I am DELIGHTED with my Shehat Apprentice # 178 

Product: Apprentice Oud 178 
Posted By: Pat K
I couldn't be happier with my new oud. It looks much nicer in person than in the pics. The materials, craftsmanship, fit and finish are TOP-NOTCH! The binding, purfling and inlay are EXQUISITELY done. This oud is GORGEOUS, and feels and sounds GREAT! With a set of Aquila 13O Super Nylgut (CFADgc) on there its walnut body/bowl gives it a lovely haunting reverberation. Also, of no small significance, Mike was an INVALUABLE help, assisting me, providing me with more details, measurements, photos, advice, pointers, etc. at every step of the way pre-, peri- and post-purchase. He shipped her to me very promptly, did a FANTASTIC job packing her up, gave me tracking info, with a delivery date/time that turned out to be accurate to within a 2 hour window! I am VERY pleased with this purchase! 


Very good oud where it counts 

Product: Zeryab Oud 007 
Posted By: N/A
Just received this oud and have played it now for a few weeks. I love it. It sounds fantastic, no buzzing whatsoever and feels very solid. I would highly recommend it performance-wise especially to those who are beginning to learn the oud and don't want to fall for the tourist oud industry. This is not a tourist oud. It is the entry level oud in the Zeryab line. Which means it is probably made by apprentices. but in almost every aspect that contributes to sound and sonic performance it is spot on. One surprise is the action is great and is adjustable if you need to lower it! Its weakest link is the tuning pegs. Tuning is the bane of this instrument anyway and tuning this Zeryab takes a little more time and patience. It stays in tune pretty well, though. 
I think it is a beautiful and well designed oud. I would call it a country oud. By that I mean it is a little rough around the edges. Back of the oud has a "dipped in varnish" look and there is some rough craftsmanship. I have actually done some improvements to the finish so it is an oud you can improve if you are willing to get the right materials, etc. I love the way it feels in my hands. And again, it sounds fantastic. 
Mike is just a pleasure to work with! I can't say enough good things about him. We had a long text session talking this oud and ouds in general. He goes above and beyond. 


excellent transaction 

Product: Zeryab Oud 015 
Posted By: quidelleur christophe
Very nice instrument corresponding exactly to what was exhibited on the photos .Excellent quality in terms of aestheticism and sound+ safe packaging. 
I am delighted by this purchase and highly recommend this seller for the good contact and the possibility to follow the shipping. 
Chris, an old player from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. 
Thank you so much.california 



Product: Aseel - 2978 
Posted By: Fareed Badra
My 3rd Shehata oud. Came exactly as pictured. This oud might be my favorite out of the 3. It has a very balanced sound. Bass, mids and trebles are all equally represented so playing the play is clean and smooth. Mike is the best, goes out of his way to make sure customer is satisfied. Thanks! 


Delighted with my purchase

Product: Apprentice Oud 209 Posted By: Bret Wooldridge
I'm a long time guitarist who knew nothing about oud other than I liked the sound and wanted to try playing one. Due to their relative rarity in my area, I couldn't drop in a music store and try one out. Maurice appeared to have the most happy customers so I went with them. 
The apprentice ouds all have their own demonstration video, so I was able to listen to the entire inventory. I took a pad of paper, made a star rating system, and listened until the one with my favorite sound made itself known. 
All my questions were answered before and after the sale and many helpful links were provided to help a total beginner get started. The instrument arrived quickly and packaged in a manner that looked like it would survive a three story fall. 
It's good to know I have an ongoing resource I can turn to for oud questions. I found a local instructor and I'm well on my way to learning to play this evocative instrument.  I would not hesitate to recommend Maurice Ouds or an apprentice model. 


Oud for someone starting out 

Product: Zeryab Oud 025 
Posted By: Saad
Bought this oud as someone who has never played any musical instrument before. The oud looks to be a quality build. I am not familiar with ouds so that is going to be my opinion. Shipping was quick and the packaging was also handled with care. Great customer service from Mike. He was quick to help out. Overall, a great experience. 


Great Quality Instrument With Amazing Customer Service 

Product: Apprentice Oud 201 
Posted By: Mohammed
I don't think it's possible to purchase an oud from Maurice Oud Shop and not be a satisfied customer, and I'm not exaggerating. The oud I received was packaged well and exactly as described. Mike was helpful from before the point of purchase, and is still open to questions and concerns months later. He will really work with you to make sure you get an oud that is perfect for you.


Surprisingly comfortable instrument! 

Product: Apprentice Oud 227 
Posted By: Tony
This was my first oud, but I play a dozen other string instruments. My experience dealing with Mike was first class. Very personalized attention to my needs and excellent communication made the whole shopping process unforgettable. Rare is service like that anymore. Especially when buying online. The instrument itself was surprisingly comfortable. The tuners are excellent, tuning stability was perfect, and the build quality feels solid. String height/action was low but without noise. It plays very nicely. Also want to note, shipping was amazing. The packing was very reassuring that nothing would have happened even if the box got tossed around. I was surprised how solid the packing was! Especially for a light acoustic instrument. Overall, I don't think you can find a better place to buy an Oud.


Outstanding service and product 

Product: Zeryab Oud 024 
Posted By: Gary
This was an awesome online purchase experience (I'm in Canada), my Oud was as described and exactly what I was looking for. Mike's communication with me was excellent and with no pressure to make the purchase. I would most definitely deal with Mike again and would recommend him without hesitation. 



aseel 3080

Product: Aseel - 3080
Posted By: N/A
i just bought this oud online. I received it clean , and in great conditions as I expected. you will never be disappointed with maurice ouds. mike was contacting me regarding my oud and the shipment just to make sure to meet customer satisfaction. good quality oud, amazing sound , great service.

Thank you maurice and thanks mike,


A nice, solid, beginner Oud with authentic Arabic sound.

Product: Zeryab Oud 051
Posted By: Navid from OudforGuitarists.com

Excellent service, fast shipping. Instrument came with a gig bag, and was shipped well-packaged with no damage. Mike communicates timely and answers all your questions.

As an entry level instrument this is a great place to start if you want a nice Arabic sound and a solid-feeling instrument. The pegs fit and move well in the peg box.
The adjustable neck is helpful to have. Cedar soundboard is really well-built and polished nicely.

I would recommend this Oud for any beginner who wants an easy way to get into the Oud, or professional who wants an Oud they can rough around with.

This instrument can actually become an instrument you could hold onto for many years, all it needs is a little adjustment with the nut and it can play and sound like a dream.


Great instrument, even better customer service

Product: Aseel - 3268
Posted By: Elliot
Excellent craftsmanship can see the handmade quality of it. This is truly a show stopper. Sounds amazing and I am looking forward to many years of learning and playing.

Additionally can’t say enough about the customer service. Mike went above and beyond answering my questions in great detail. Additionally was able to fulfill a request of mine without hesitation. By far the best customer service I’ve ever had from a handmade product. Checked up on my throughout the whole process and shipping as well as after i had received the Oud.

I can't recommend Maurice Oud Shop Enough, if you looking for an Oud, this is the place to buy one. Don’t be fooled by cheaper bargain priced Oud. If you want to learn these instruments do yourself a favor and buy one of a good quality from Maurice and Mike.


A Wonderful OUD and PURCHASING Experience

Product: Apprentice Oud 253
Posted By: Bill Chisholm

There are two aspects to this review which I am still undecided about as to which I find of more value… one’s first instinct might be to ask “how’s the oud?.. That ’s what is important. Well that will be part two of this review because it came second.


The experience of both choosing the oud and having Mike walk me through EVERYTHING was OFF THE CHARTS FANTASTIC even under normal circumstances, but in this modern day of online web disconnect this experience was even more welcomed. To start with, I LOVED being able to see/listen to a video of this EXACT instrument and compare it to all the others ouds in both the Apprentice and Shehata categories. I engaged multiple sites, both online retailers and directly with oud makers about their current inventory. NONE offered videos or video comparisons of the exact oud. I went with this apprentice level because I liked the sound and the price. I asked Mike about a few cosmetic issues, he took closeup photos and even added images of anything else that may have been a concern. We spoke on the phone and he was COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT. He shipped immediately after my purchase and stayed engaged through delivery and even through selecting a custom string set and my restringing. This is the short version.. because he answered MANY other questions. I felt absolutely no pressure to buy at any point in the process.


I have been learning cello for 5 years, however I am brand new to the oud. I mention the cello because like the oud, the cello has can produce overtones (an inferior cello does not do this well). The overtones of this oud sound beautiful to my ear. The sound in general is clean and it projects very well which helps for hearing intonation especially on an unfretted instrument, this intern helps learning and playing. As with the cello, I love feeling the vibrations against my chest as I play, and this oud gives plenty. With Mike’s guidance the restringing went very easily ( I chose to restring with the custom set Mike suggested from the start because with the cello I found it made an enormous difference). The pegs work great. I am very happy with both my choice of oud and the ENTIRE purchasing process. I am very glad Mike found Maurice but I am equally glad Maurice found Mike to handle this so professionally.


Great experience with Maurice Oud Shop!

Product: Apprentice Oud 240
Posted By: Curtis Pettit
I had a fantastic experience with Maurice Oud Shop. Mike was incredibly helpful - he took a close look at a few different ouds, sent me more photos, and I decided on this one. I absolutely love the oud - what a gorgeous instrument! As expected from an apprentice instrument, it's well-made but not flawless. There are minor cosmetic issues and a little buzz at the nut - but the nut was an easy fix and I think the imperfections add charm. I prefer the handmade look and feel, and I'd much rather be playing this than an assembly-line oud. In a few years when I want an upgrade I'll definitely look to Maurice Oud Shop. Thanks again Mike!



Product: ASEEL - 3545
Posted By: Wael
To start of I’m a beginner. Just started taking classes about a month ago. I tried a couple of avenues to get an Arabic oud I will not mention the websites but I bought two already one from Egypt and one from turkey. Long story short one off them was ok to take my lessons but I always felt like I’m looking for a deeper characteristic sound from my oud. Until I found that I could get one made by Maurice himself through mike and boy did he deliver! The ordering and shipping process were second to none Mike is courteous and thoughtful since I placed my order till after I unpacked my Oud. The oud it self sounds and looks way better than the pictures and the videos it delivered packed really well with high quality Bag and my new favorite rishas. Thanks Mike for bringing Maurice’s work to us and for being such an amazing person in general. N.P if you’re new to oud like me do yourself a favor and get a quality oud you’ll get much more confident and you’ll sound so much better which is motivating. It’s a worthwhile investment.

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